Keishawn Blackstone

Keishawn Blackstone
Director of Film Works

Keishawn Blackstone is a seasoned Television and Theatrical Executive.

Very savvy as a seasoned P.D. of film and television, A.K.A. “Production Director” Keishawn is Passionate about producing theatrical and television content based on true stories that influence culture, politics, laws, and history.  His goal are to… through his camera lens and direction, connect people to a deeper, personal level. Simply put, he creates entertaining, informative theatrical works for diverse audiences. The cornerstone of his experience is utilizing multiple camera lenses and angles for projects that enhance value of life. His expertise inspires production crew members to inspire the vision to fulfill and embody the story being told.

While being a creative mind, Keishawn is also an Philanthropist and Innovator. While partnering with multimedia conglomerates, He aims to educate the next generation through his craft and foundation.

Keishawn says,

“While creating informative works, I am on a journey to create, educate and inspire the next generation of content creation creatives. My work takes me all over the globe. While I love to establish and educate the next generation, I remain passionate to provide opportunities to those who deserve to tell their story. My creative background follows, Television, Theatrical and Documentary based content. When I’m not creating, you may find me working with my marketing agency, helping artists and creatives brand to establish their brand name identity. I believe that If you can dream it, you can do it!” – Keishawn Blackstone