Kevin Gastinell

Kevin Gastinell
Bay Area Coordinator

Kevin was born in New Orleans LA and as a young boy moved to San Francisco CA where he became involved in sports, church choir, and youth programs. Kevin had an opportunity at the age 13 to become a teen reporter on a youth tv show called “First Cut” where he gained a great deal of knowledge in production, editing and reporting.

Kevin gets excited and is extremely passionate about children and their education with 2 decades of working with children in a childcare setting.

Kevin has incredible people skills and has been able to use those skills working in a medical facility and the Antioch Unified School District.

In 2014, while working in the medical facility Kevin received a certificate of appreciation from the White House Medical Unit from President Obama’s Administration for his professionalism and hard work.

Kevin is happily married to his wife Camille for 11 years and they have 3 children.

Kevin’s vision is to work towards more diversity and getting youth off the streets and involved in UCY while doing something positive and constructive with their time.