Urban City Youth (UCY) Cycle 9 – is seeking 15 to 20 motivated Bay Area youth, ages 12-19, who are interested in media arts production training. The training is specific to Radio, Television Streaming Production/Programming and Social Media Campaigns.

The program requires students to work in teams to accomplish production goals for content – for local radio shows, Television streaming production/programming and aggressive social media marketing promotions.  Students benefit from cross-training in all three areas.  All production will require team work to accomplish completion of projects to be within required format, time frame of completion and delivery requirement, and meet quality standards so as to green-light the production for a scheduled broadcast. Students will also participate in a monetized simulation where they are trained to remain in budget.

UCY Cycle 9 is a 12 week program that will require students to interact (virtual or in person) for a minimum of 4 hours per week to complete projects. Once projects are complete they are inspected (per FCC regulation guidelines) by the UCY Quality Control Team then green-lighted for a scheduled air date.

All UCY students reserve the right to select their own topics/subjects that are most important to them for the content of their shows; however, there are 12 pre-selected show subjects. Each with an accompanying template to allow them to learn the example of the UCY production chain. Once they are acclimated to the production system they will usually become more proactive and take more ownership of their own projects and producing them in their own way according to production guidelines as established by the UCY Administration.


14 Core Values – Time Value, Talent Expression, Regimented Work Ethic, Team work, Respect, Clean Speech, Kindly Attitude, Best Performance of Duty, Worth of Example, Professional Communication, Collaboration, English Literacy, Speech, Value of Character.

Final Exam Benefit:

Each student’s final exam is production of a professional, appealing (2-3 minute) demo reel, designed to market their brand for an entry level internship position/and/or employment in the media industry.

The demo reel production is to be produced in a full MP3 production and presented to the UCY Board of Directors for graduation consideration. This production must meet the criteria of a high end “Sizzle Reel” tailored to their story to showcase and highlight their various works and work capacities at UCY.

This is a tangible product is one where they can walk it into radio stations, television stations, film production studios and other corporations for internship/employment consideration.

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Download the PDF, compete the Application, sign, date and email to UCY.  (Parents/Guardians only)
Indicate your child’s/youth desired position;  On-Air Talent, Production Engineer or Show.
Send completed applications to urbancityyouth33@gmail.com

Join Urban City Youth Radio – Cycle 9 Training Now.

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