Despues Green, better known as “Ascidzz” is a songwriter from Philadelphia, PA. Despues’ passion exudes from his love of life, which, if you haven’t felt personally, emanates from his lyrics and productions. Mostly involved in the Hip Hop/Rap, R&B, and Pop scenes, Despues’ powerful voice is behind hundreds of songs written for hundreds of artists worldwide and his own music.

Listen to Music snippet from Despues – He describes who King Mansa Musa was.

Music interpolation by UCY Secretary Steven Martin

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Tommy A. Jones

Executive Director

Tommy Jones is the Founder and Executive Director of Urban City Youth (UCY) a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in Oakland, CA/San Francisco, CA. (radio market #4).
Official IRS Non Profit Certification granted in 2014, Tommy secured UCY students from Los Angeles to help develop a weekly UCY youth produced radio show to appeal to KTYM radio listeners (in Radio Market #2 Los Angeles)… where more than 50,000 listeners per week tuned in week after week. Bottom line… the UCY Radio Show “Set It Off” as a homegrown radio show from the grassroots of Slauson and Crenshaw district proper. The result was a lot of great shows that received a lot of great results where local entrepreneurs gained value in intimate brand name association with the UCY Radio Show.
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UCY Radio Production Team Cycle 7

(L-R) Khalil, Ebony, Carry, Julius produced and hosted over 35 radio shows in Cycle 7

Jorge Morales
Sound and Camera

20 year old Jorge Morales started his quest to become a film maker while after taking his first college film making class. He has been on many film sets and has functioned in just about every role including playing the role of supporting characters. His favorite word is “ACTION” and he prides himself in making a major difference in his community through film making.

Lamar McAdoo
Sound and Camera

19 year Lamar McAdoo discovered his passion for film making while on the set of “the Praise Dancer” – an Urban City Youth production. His good looks and ability to deliver improvised comedy beats as an extra is expected by many (above the line) to take him to the next level in film making and/or acting.

Rachel Bujalski
Cinematographer/Professional Photographer

Rachel Bujalski is a professional photographer who works throughout Los Angeles, CA. Also the Executive Director of the Mirror Mirror project. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Bujalski moved to Los Angeles in 2011 to pursue her career as a documentary photographer. Bujalski’s photography work largely examines the lifestyles and personalities of people living on the fringes of society that make up American culture today. Her work has been published in National Geographic PROOF, InStyle, Wired, and Vice. In 2013, she started The Mirror, Mirror Project, where she pairs professional artists with youth to create portraits of each other. She partners with UCY to promote workshops for the Visual Arts and REAL Artistic Expression on a Canvass… with paint brushes.


Michael Lincoln joined Urban City Youth in March 2014 as Volunteer Coordinator and Operations Manager. He took a special interest in analyzing the Urban City Youth radio show production chain and in doing so implemented a more effective way to teach many more youth in Los Angeles to become “Brilliant in the Basics” of radio show production. He is now recognized at the UCY headquarters as an official Urban City Youth LEGEND! And is Highlighted and showcased as such around the Urban City youth recording studios. A loving father, husband and devout member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. He is missed everyday. We love Brother Michael Lincoln and will continue to implement his wishes for continual improvement to all systems at Urban City Youth Los Angeles. He crafted a radio production system that remains a Blessing to UCY students!

- Bios coming soon: Leniah Whitside & Marcel Berteaux.