The Urban City Youth Radio show is currently broadcasting in two radio Markets:

  1. KTYM Radio, Los Angeles, California, radio market #2 (Digital Stream).

  2. KDYA 1190AM, San Francisco California, radio market #4 (Terrestrial Radio Signal).

Every week, Urban City Youth – Cycle 8 meet in teams to produce two thirty minute radio shows for broadcast in two radio markets. Teams meet to plan, organize, produce and edit radio shows. All shows are designed for problem/solution oriented content. The process begins with the team selecting a topic that is highly important to them followed by research, outline development, show structure design and layout, identifying talent segments, recording special external and/or internal interview segments, writing and producing commercials and promotional announcements. The next step is to produce, record and edit the show to meet quality control standards per FCC guidelines. Once green lighted by the UCY Quality Control Committee, students deliver the show to the appropriate radio station within their designated time frame.

Throughout the production process, students learn key skills including, but not limited to, the art of expression, English literacy, public speaking, advanced phonics, articulation, vocal delivery & dynamics, professional debate on-air, critical thinking on air, collaboration, leadership, professional communication (clean speech), organization, time value, kindly attitude, best performance of duty, equality, inclusion, diversity and social justice.  Most students enjoy opportunities to express humor, wit and special interviews with entrepreneurs who share sage wisdom.

UCY Cycle 8 radio headquarters is located at the KTYM Radio Studio’s building located in Los Angeles, California.

Students are paid $15 per hour for their work. These funds are provided by local junior college partners.