Make Your Voice Heard


Urban City Youth (UCY)  is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides STEAM education alternatives for youth and young adults to learn & practice media arts production in Digital Media, Music, Radio, Television, Film and Social Media.

We promote DIVERSITY EQUITY INCLUSION TRAINING to implement programs that enhance social and intellectual development in arts & entertainment.

Our programs are both rehabilitative and therapeutic. We provide life skills for students to pursue passion in arts and entertainment. We serve the inner city areas of Los Angeles, California, Atlanta Georgia and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Diversity Equity Inclusion

Social Justice Curriculum

Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness

Diversity Equity Inclusion Training

Slogan: Skills not Streets

Motto: Dream, Believe, Achieve

Program Description

Urban City Youth (UCY) is a WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT/ WORKPLACE DEVELOPMENT Program, A STEAM based production training program designed to prepare students for careers in the media industry. The primary service is to create then broadcast content. The program is rooted in productions geared toward WORKFORCE READINESS and JOB TRAINING EXTENSION where students learn radio show and/or video podcast production from A-Z. In the process of learning they gain valuable skills that are immediately transferrable to the media industry.

Thank you to our local Partners!

The UCY Radio teams (cycles 1-7 Los Angeles) thanks the local business community and servicemen who shared sage advice, valuable words of wisdom and key secrets to success on the Urban City Youth radio show. We give a BIG Thank You to our private donations and loyal supporters; Chambers Shoes and Boots Repair, Boys & Girls Clubs of America,  Julia’s Hair Weev Salon, DULANS on Crenshaw, United Negro College Fund, Our Weekly Newspaper, U.S. Marines Corps, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Foundation of the Jr. Blind, Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles Fire Departments. We remain forever grateful for your support. Listen to the Urban City Youth radio show on the Radio page.

See Tribute Video directed and produced by UCY students from Hamilton High School, Los Angeles, CA.

14 Core Values: Time Value, Talent Expression, Regimented Work Ethic, Team work, Respect, Clean Speech, Kindly Attitude, Best Performance of Duty, Worth of Example, Professional Communication, Collaboration, English Literacy, Speech, Value of Character.

Values of Valor: Courage, Determination, Excellence, Focus, Goals, Articulation, Believe.